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Prato Italian Grissini & Flatbread

Squisito Ciabatte & Freselle

Prato is a family owned Italian artisan bakery company from Turin, Piemonte in Italy producing a range of top quality, handmade and authentic Italian grissini and flatbread products.  Prato Grissini and flatbreads are made with the finest quality flour, salt and extra virgin olive oil, all natural ingredients free from any preservative and no artificial additives or flavours whatsoever. These long, slender, crisp and rustic grissini are hand rolled by hand, then baked for a light, golden crunch and a delicate, fresh-bread aroma and flavour.  Available in a variety of styles and flavours including Rubata the oldest and most traditional style of Italian grissini, Cosetti, short in appearance with a slight twist, Piemontesi the extra thin grissini, the famous Treccine plaited grissini and the Filoncini grissini which are more rustic and thicker in size.

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