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Tarnara Giancarlo Parma Ham

Tanara Parma HamSince 1960, Tanara Giancarlo has been the most famous name far beyond the borders of Parma, land dedicated to the traditional production of the highest quality and authentic Prosciutto di Parma Ham. Tanara sources only the best pigs from Emiliani and Lombardi farms.  These areas breed only the finest quality Italian pigs.  The production process begins with salting. Natural sea salt is the only preservative that is used.  Wet sea salt for the skin, dry sea salt for the flesh and only the minimum amount is used to retain the typical “sweet” flavour.” This is followed by a routine of repeated salting, that is supervised by a “Maestro Salatore”.  After 90 days, the salt is thoroughly cleaned off to begin the curing process, which occurs in humidity and temperature controlled rooms that replicate each season. Still today, Tanara uses only traditional methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. What make this ham special is the pure breeze from the Appennine mountains that blows into the curing room windows, thus adding an unmistakable fragrance and taste to the prosciutto. This slow process is closely monitored to ensure that the legs are properly cured and that the end product measures up to the high standards established by Italian law. Only then can the prosciutto earn the "Parma' fire-branded crown stamp with honours. The end result is an incredible product that tastes amazing.

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