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Basile Imports has dedicated itself to unearthing the ‘top of the crop’ from Italy, with many of our products produced in a tiny little known region of Abruzzo – the hidden treasure of Molise.
The Molisani have a fondness for legumes, cheese, white truffles, and regional delicacies including Pepata di Cozze (Peppered Mussels) and Pollo Ripieno al Sugo (Stuffed Chicken with Sauce)
Molise is the birthplace of some of Italy's finest food products, including Colavita’s rich green Extra Virgin Olive Oil pressed on granite wheels, handcrafted fantasy pasta shapes from La Molisana, and exquisite nougat treats developed to a traditional family recipe.
With that kind of food history on the plate, and these simple 30-minute recipes, your guest will be licking their lips and begging for seconds.

1 Oils
2 Risotto
3 Balsamic Vinegar
4 Cheese
5 Pasta
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